Tourism drives Australian economic development

September 9, 2014

Xueting Luo, Monash College News


Tourism industry is becoming a strong driving force to promote the economic development in Australia.



Picture of Cradle Mountain by Xueting Luo

Picture of Cradle Mountain by Xueting Luo


Matt Hingerty, Australian Tourism and Export Co CEO said, “We earn export dollars for Australia. Tourists come here, but they are bringing foreign cash with them and we earn about 26 billion dollars’ worth of foreign exchange a year.”


Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) shows a growing number of  tourists travel to Australia.


“It has been absolute growth in particular for Australia despite the fact of the falling high Australia dollar,” Dr Vicki Peel, Monash University Senior Lecturer said. “It is driven largely by the growth of outbound from China and India in particular, but also from South-East Asia.”


The Australian tourism industry creates more job opportunities to the public.


“Tourism is Australia’s largest services export. The jobs of over 929,000 Australians are linked to tourism and the Coalition Government is committed to supporting tourism as a key job creation industry,”Andrew Robb, Trade and Investment Minister said.


Also, ABS reveals that tourism contributed 4.7 percent of total employed people from 2012 to 2013.


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Australia Tourism Map, edited by Xueting Luo




Australian Scenery Video, by Xueting Luo







Poor bus services in Melbourne on Sundays


September 2, 2014

Xueting Luo, Monash College News

The majority of  the residents are facing lots of difficulties to go shopping on Sundays in Melbourne due to the extreme lack of  buses.


Pictured taken by Xueting Luo


As for the extreme transportation issue , Daniel Bowen, president of PTUA( Public Transport Users  Association),  who indicated that the bus services related to the major destinations such as Chadstone as the famous shopping mall of Melbourne, which is sometimes inactive and lazy, especially on Sundays, the most popular shopping days.

In particular, the good frequency of arrival is every 30 minutes and the bad situations can reach every one hour, as the timetable shows.

“On Sunday there are only about 20% of the buses actually run.” Professor Graham Currie from Monash University’s Institute of  Transport Studied said.

Compared with other kinds of transportation like trains and trams, bus routes spread denser and wider in Melbourne, as Bowen said, “so many areas in Melbourne only have buses, they do not have trains and trams, probably never have train and trams.”

busroutes2 (1)

Melbourne Bus Routes


It should be mentioned that the government must accept the responsibility of improvements of the buses services for making the lives of local residents more convenient.

















Deplorable accommodations for Delhi athletes

The athletes faced the deplorable conditions in Delhi Unity Games.

As for solving this tough  and critical  issue, Mark Leak, Federation president, told a press conference at 10 am in London.

 It is generally know that the athletes need the better preparation of their competition.

Thus he emphasized the importance of good conditions of accommodation,  but the conditions of residential zone and the security issues are equally alarmed in this Unity Games.

The Times of India newspaper reveals that of the 34 residential towers planned, 18 were completed.

Meanwhile, NC, Canada, Scotland and Ireland also expressed their complaints about the extremely terrible conditions of the residential zone.

In terms of the kind of state, Jim Spence, head coach of the Australian swimming squad said ” We will now be advising sports that the accommodation is less than expected.”

” I’m not even sure the Games should go ahead at this rate.” Sarah said, who is a former Australian Unity Games swimming star.

Better accommodation is really essential for Delhi athletes,