Deplorable accommodations for Delhi athletes

The athletes faced the deplorable conditions in Delhi Unity Games.

As for solving this tough  and critical  issue, Mark Leak, Federation president, told a press conference at 10 am in London.

 It is generally know that the athletes need the better preparation of their competition.

Thus he emphasized the importance of good conditions of accommodation,  but the conditions of residential zone and the security issues are equally alarmed in this Unity Games.

The Times of India newspaper reveals that of the 34 residential towers planned, 18 were completed.

Meanwhile, NC, Canada, Scotland and Ireland also expressed their complaints about the extremely terrible conditions of the residential zone.

In terms of the kind of state, Jim Spence, head coach of the Australian swimming squad said ” We will now be advising sports that the accommodation is less than expected.”

” I’m not even sure the Games should go ahead at this rate.” Sarah said, who is a former Australian Unity Games swimming star.

Better accommodation is really essential for Delhi athletes,


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