Tourism drives Australian economic development

September 9, 2014

Xueting Luo, Monash College News


Tourism industry is becoming a strong driving force to promote the economic development in Australia.



Picture of Cradle Mountain by Xueting Luo

Picture of Cradle Mountain by Xueting Luo


Matt Hingerty, Australian Tourism and Export Co CEO said, “We earn export dollars for Australia. Tourists come here, but they are bringing foreign cash with them and we earn about 26 billion dollars’ worth of foreign exchange a year.”


Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) shows a growing number of  tourists travel to Australia.


“It has been absolute growth in particular for Australia despite the fact of the falling high Australia dollar,” Dr Vicki Peel, Monash University Senior Lecturer said. “It is driven largely by the growth of outbound from China and India in particular, but also from South-East Asia.”


The Australian tourism industry creates more job opportunities to the public.


“Tourism is Australia’s largest services export. The jobs of over 929,000 Australians are linked to tourism and the Coalition Government is committed to supporting tourism as a key job creation industry,”Andrew Robb, Trade and Investment Minister said.


Also, ABS reveals that tourism contributed 4.7 percent of total employed people from 2012 to 2013.


Multimedia elements

Australia Tourism Map, edited by Xueting Luo




Australian Scenery Video, by Xueting Luo







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