Tourism drives Australian economic development

September 9, 2014 Xueting Luo, Monash College News   Tourism industry is becoming a strong driving force to promote the economic development in Australia.       Matt Hingerty, Australian Tourism and Export Co CEO said, “We earn export dollars for Australia. Tourists come here, but they are bringing foreign cash with them and we […]

Poor bus services in Melbourne on Sundays

  September 2, 2014 Xueting Luo, Monash College News The majority of  the residents are facing lots of difficulties to go shopping on Sundays in Melbourne due to the extreme lack of  buses. Pictured taken by Xueting Luo   As for the extreme transportation issue , Daniel Bowen, president of PTUA( Public Transport Users  Association),  who […]

Deplorable accommodations for Delhi athletes

The athletes faced the deplorable conditions in Delhi Unity Games. As for solving this tough  and critical  issue, Mark Leak, Federation president, told a press conference at 10 am in London.  It is generally know that the athletes need the better preparation of their competition. Thus he emphasized the importance of good conditions of accommodation,  but the conditions of residential […]